Learn the secrets to crushing longer, straighter drives consistently with GOLF Academy lead coach Devan Bonebrake.



Want more distance off the tee? How about 10 yards? Fifteen? Twenty? In the original GOLFPASS series: Coaches Playbook: 10 More Yards, GOLF Academy lead coach Devan Bonebrake provides you with the tools and knowledge you need to not only hit it farther, but hit it straighter as well. Because what good is being long if you always hit your tee shots out of play. You can get distance from a lot of different areas from your technique and equipment to your fitness level. In 10 More Yards you'll learn how to hit up on the ball to maximize your launch and carry distance, match your equipment to your swing speed to get every yard out of your equipment, and improve your range of motion and train explosively like some of the top drivers in the game today. All of these things will help make you that great driver of the ball you've always wanted to be!

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