Gain your handicap = 54 holes of golf (either in 9 hole or 18 hole rounds)

Maintain your handicap = 3 rounds of 18 holes

Q. I have just purchased GOLFPASS+, what happens next?
A. Our team will process your membership and a new GOLF Link number will be assigned to you. This will be emailed out to you and also added in the "Manage Handicap" section of the GOLFPASS membership portal. The process is usually complete within 5 working days, if you have not received confirmation within this time please email [email protected]

Within 30 days you will receive your physical GOLF Link card in the post. Should you require formal confirmation of your Golf Link number and financial membership, we would be pleased to issue you with a letter of introduction. Please contact on [email protected] to request a letter of introduction.

If this is your first handicap, you will need to submit 54 holes of scorecards which can be made up from any combination of 18 or 9 holes of golf, before a handicap is allocated. Until this time your handicap will show a status of "Unallocated".

If you have transferred an existing GOLF Link number to GOLFPASS+, your playing history will be transferred across to your new number.

Q. I already have a GOLF Link number but want to transfer this to GOLFPASS, what do I do?
A. On the GOLFPASS+ checkout page, please add your GOLF Link number into the box.

Q. How do I submit a scorecard to gain or maintain my handicap?
A. Submit your card via the following form

Q. Who can sign scorecards?
A. The signatures on the cards attest that the score is true and correct and that the round was played to the rules of golf. Cards need to be signed by someone involved in Australian golf so a club pro, a club member, a golfer with an official Australian handicap.

Q. What do I need to do when playing as a visitor at a golf club?
A. When playing in a club competition, present your GOLF Link card, number for registration in the competition or a Letter of Introduction. The club you are visiting should enter your score into Golf Link through their system, there is no need to send your card back to your home club. If the visited club is not yet on GOLFLink they should send your card to your home club.

Q. It appears that I have an incorrect score, missing score or unusual entry in my score history, what should I do?
A. Contact the club that operated the competition. Corrections or amendments to any errors to competition scores can only be made by the club that created and processed the competition. If you submitted a scorecard via GOLFPASS please contact us by emailing [email protected]

Q. When will my Golf Link handicap expire?
A. 12 months from the date of activation with the option to renew annually.

Q. My GOLF Link card is lost or damaged and I need a new one, what do I do?
A. Please order a new card via the following website

Q. Does GOLFPASS+ include player liability insurance?
A. Yes, insurance is maintained via Golf Australia, for more information click here

Q. I need to update my address and contact details?
A. Please email details to [email protected], we will then update your profile and also the GOLF Link system.

Q. The Club I am going to play has requested a Letter of Introduction?
A. Please send your Letter of Introduction request to [email protected] and include the following information:

- Your name
- Your Golf Link Number
- The date in which you will be visiting the Club; and
- The reason you are visiting the Club, for example: to play a round of golf with a member, or visiting etc

Q. What is GOLF Link?
A. GOLF Link is the Australian national computerised handicapping service provided by Golf Australia (GA). GOLF Link commenced operation in 1999 and it calculates all official Australian handicaps.

The system centralises handicaps nationally. Access to the system is gained via the internet using the golfer’s personal 10-digit GOLF Link number. The handicap records of all golfers can be viewed on

The system instantly links 400,000 Australian golf club members and 1600 golf clubs. You can turn up at any golf club, verify your handicap and/or membership of another club, play your round and have your handicap updated automatically.

The maximum playing handicap permitted in Australia is 36 for men and 45 for women.

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