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Often times, you will play in wet conditions where you have to play your ball from soggy fairways. Martin Hall breaks down the proper stance and grip to set up wet lie shots as well as where exactly to strike the ball.
Some of the greatest ball strikers in the history of the game are ready to help you knock down the flag.
Three-time winner on the PGA TOUR Brendan Steele welcomes Sean Foley to Shady Canyon in Southern California, where Steele highlights all facets of his game.
Jack Nicklaus always said to complete the finish and "don't baby the ball downwind." Martin shows how to create acceleration in the ball to add spin because when hitting downwind, you have to hit it firmly.
Preview how Martin Hall will help improve your bunker play by breaking down how to play shots from various bunker lies, deciding what club to use given the situation, and drills that will help hone your skills.
Martin Hall starts from square one, giving you the foundations of how to play excellent pitch shots.
The 2005 PLAYERS Champion Fred Funk welcomes host and former PGA TOUR winner Arron Oberholser to discuss all things full swing.
Learning from the best players in the game of golf is a great way to improve your own game.
Some of the biggest names in golf history who have captured the Wanamaker Trophy are improving your game from tee to green.
The best way to improve your bunker play is to practice, and there is no better way to practice than by playing some fun, yet challenging, games. Try Martin Hall’s ‘Three & Done’ and ‘3 X 3’ next time you're practicing and start making more sandies.
If you feel like you're getting lost in the woods while playing, use Sir Nick Faldo's body reboot drill to help you engage in your swing and create speed.
Playing the ball from pine needles requires careful attention. Martin explains how to move any obstructions, why you should add extra loft to these shots, and how to execute clean contact.
When your ball lands in the rough, you must evaluate the lie and the risk. Martin Hall demonstrates a safe and a risky option to playing this type of ball.
Martin Hall introduces you to 11 tactics you can try to help you play better. The first tip is to close your eyes and monitor your grip pressure while taking practice swings.
Cameron McCormick explains why you should play a wedge around the green to ensure the ball stops quicker.
Martin Hall offers two drills to improve your play off the green. Learn to improve your direction and control and hit more precise chip shots with follow-up putts.
Martin Hall discusses bonus tips on how to improve your short game and lower your score given his experience playing and working with the pros.
Martin Hall demonstrates two great games you can play to improve your pitching.
Soft, firm, wet - bunker sand can be very different from course to course. How does this variety impact the type of shot you should play? In this video, Martin Hall breaks down the different swing speeds that should be used in soft and firm sand.
In this episode, Martin Hall covers all aspects of bunker play mechanics from club selection to swing path. He also uses a two-wall and table graphic that you won't forget the next time you're in a bunker.
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