Looking to rise above the title 'bogey golfer' for good? In this series, Martin Hall brings out all the tools and analogies to help fix swing faults and poor strategies that are holding you back from shooting in the 80s. From first tee nerves, to post-round analysis, and everything in between, Breaking 90 will help you make the necessary changes to your game so that you can play the best golf of your life.

Keys to Break 90

To consistently break 90 in golf, focus on developing a strong short game, such as chipping and putting, as these shots can save strokes quickly. Additionally, work on minimizing penalty strokes by playing conservatively off the tee and avoiding risky shots. Analyze your game and identify areas of weakness, such as inconsistent ball-striking or poor course management, and practice to improve those areas. With consistent practice and attention to your weaknesses, breaking 90 in golf is achievable!

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