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Hazeltine National Golf Club
Hazeltine National Golf Club

We journeyed to the land of 10,000 lakes to visit Hazeltine National Golf Club, where even when golf isn’t in season the kitchen is heating up more than ever as Executive Chef Michael Patton, reveals his signature recipes from baking fresh Italian Focaccia Bread to his traditional Thai Chicken. Host and Executive Chef Michael Ponzio will also learn how the club takes a modern spin on an Old-Fashioned cocktail. Join us, as Hazeltine members, and chefs are welcomed to dine with “Miracle On Ice” Gold Medalist, Dave Christian—to feast in the taste of this ultimate Chef’s Table. We tour the Clubhouse, and deep dive into the Archives of one of the most renowned Golf Clubs of America.

Meet the Executive Chefs
Featured on the Food Network and authored several cookbooks
Has cooked for presidents and icons in the entertainment industry
42 years in the kitchen, cooking up award winning dishes
Native Texan who grew up in the panhandle with a culinary sweet tooth
Mixing old traditions with contemporary ideas on food is what Chef Beck does best
Season 1
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Get the recipes your whole family will love, from the clubhouse to your kitchen.
2 Min Read
June 02, 2020 12:34 AM
Delicious meatball meal for everyone!
1 Min Read
June 02, 2020 12:48 AM
Chef Beck's specialty sandwich
1 Min Read
June 02, 2020 12:57 AM
Fantastic homemade mustard with a twist
1 Min Read
May 11, 2020 11:42 PM
You can never have enough great chicken dishes!
1 Min Read
May 12, 2020 01:52 AM
Delicious bread is a key component to a great meal
1 Min Read
May 11, 2020 11:59 PM
Wondeful crispy fish dish
1 Min Read
April 24, 2020 12:48 AM
Sometimes the simplest solutions are the answer. Today's answer is Duck - who'd have thought!
1 Min Read
April 24, 2020 02:56 AM
When a dish is this good, is doesn't need to be over complicated
3 Min Read
April 24, 2020 03:23 AM
Everyone knows a good meal is only complete once it has dessert
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